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Friday, August 11, 2006

Sensual scene from SWORD OF REGRET!


From SWORD OF REGRET, (c)2006 by H.A. Fowler
Available NOW from Freya's Bower!

"What are you doing?" she whispered, unable to find her voice.

Armand wound his fingers into her long, dark hair and pulled her to him. "Seeking and offering comfort from and to a beautiful woman."

When their lips met this time, lightning struck with a heat and force ten times stronger than the surge of power the first time she touched the Sword of Ma'at. The same clarity ripped through her, along with the pain of remembering her betrayal of this man's progenitor.

Every move he made caused her equal parts pain and pleasure. His hands cupped her breasts with the same pressure, the thumbs circling her nipples in exactly the same way Antonio's once had, that way that could almost make her come all by itself. Each stroke of his rough thumb shot need through her every nerve that made her gasp aloud.

He brought his mouth down to her jaw, then nibbled and licked his way over her jugular with his blunt human teeth. If he was Antonio, come back to seek his long delayed revenge, Lyris was more than ready to die at his hand, so long as he made love to her first.

The hunter devoured her mouth like a starving man, kissing her for what felt like eternity before moving on to suckle and bite her nipples, each tug and nibble setting off its own explosion of pleasure deep inside her. He pressed her hard into the bar with his hips, grinding his impressive erection into her, but bracing her weight from the wood by cupping her ass in his strong hands, pulling her closer. Lyris opened her legs for him, to feel his length against her throbbing sex.

He moaned softly as he trailed his lips down over her ribcage, her belly, and finally dropped to his knees before her, taking a moment to gaze up at her with lust and reverence before urging her legs apart and pressing his face between them.

"Il mio amore, come li desidero..." he murmured into her heating flesh, his tongue darting out to caress that most sensitive part of her.


What is the predominant sense in the scene between Lyris and Armand?

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