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Monday, July 28, 2008

Greetings from the Tail End of Summer!

No, I'm not dead, but I thought you might have suspected I was! A lot has happened in the last nine months on the personal front, but the past month I have been CAUGHT IN THE THROES of writing. I love that feeling... I have two novels just pouring out of me at the same time, and after over a year of not being able to finish anything original, it's like the sky has opened and the sun is shining through! YAY!

And so, here's a little promo for THE VEIL series!

500 Years Ago, a terrorist group tore a hole in reality, unleashing a universe of nightmares upon the Earth. A group of wizards and witches raised a barrier between the worlds to end that bloody onslaught.

They called it THE VEIL.

Now someone has decided to tear down the Veil and begin the carnage again. A series of bizarre ritual murders and kidnappings has the New Denver Police Department's Extranormal Investigations Unit scrambling for answers before the killer succeeds in his quest. The sole survivor of the attacks is sheltered high priestess Helene DuSolaire, known to her people as The Maitri. Hard-boiled vampire cop Devon Harrigan is a skeptic, and less than thrilled to be saddled with baby sitting duty. Until he discovers that Helene may know the key to the killer's plan.

Devon and Helene must race against time to stop the killer before he or she releases Hell on Earth!

Otherworld by H.A. FowlerOTHERWORLD

Just when Harrigan and Helene imagined their troubles were over and they would finally have the chance to try making a life together in spite of the odds stacked against them, the very enemy they thought vanquished reaches across the Veil and tears Helene away to the Otherworld, the land where nightmares are born and no soul--mortal or immortal--has ever gone and returned alive... or undead.

Now Harrigan must put everything he is, everything he values on the line, face his worst nightmares, and the most powerful, deadly wizard in the universe to march into Hell and save the only woman he has ever loved.


Don't miss the passionate and terrifying adventures of this irresistible paranormal odd couple in an unforgettable dark fantasy future. Available today from Cobblestone Press!



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