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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Great Gift Ideas for Your Special Writer/Reader!

It's that time of year again -- time to wrack your brains for what to get your favorite romantic soul. Whether she or he is a writer, a reader or both, these great gift ideas are sure to earn mega points!

If all else fails, of course, there's the old standby: Amazon gift certificates! Let your writer/reader choose their own holiday treat. From fuzzy bathrobes to the newest Writers' Market, Amazon has it all!

Books for Writers:

A must have for EVERY writer - The Writers' Market. The best way to find places to sell your work!

An excellent book about how to read to improve your writing:

One of my all-time favorite books about writing. I use this structure for pretty much every book!

Another of my favorites. This book is the one I pick up when I'm feeling like the writing life might not be for me after all. Anne is an amazing person and a great motivator.

Editors aren't what they used to be. This is one of the best books around for learning to be your own editor!

No list of mine would be complete without the system I ALWAYS use for my stories, and without which I never would have finished my first novel!

Great Magazines For Writers:

Other Cool Gifts!

I love this. "Violators Will Be Crushed."

Check out this selection of the best romance around!

For the latest and best vampire books, don't forget to visit my BOOKSTORE!

And naturally, I have to recommend my own work. *G* Stop by my bookshelf for details!


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