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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Sad news from Inara Press, but a GREAT review!

I just learned my first hard lesson about the publishing industry. The owner of Inara Press has decided to close her doors and releasing us all from our contracts effective July 1. Here is the announcement from their website:

Thursday, June 15th, 2006:

We are saddened to announce that Inara Press is closing its doors at the end of June. We will not be releasing any more titles from this point forward. Please feel free to make any final selections from our current catalog. We encourage you to please download any of the products you purchase to your computer by opening the file from your bookshelf and using the File > Save As feature. On July 1st, 2006 our site will be closed and all accounts and bookshelves will be deleted.

Seron Serials will continue to be released through the end of June. At that time, a complete copy of the full season will be available for download for all serial subscribers.

We appreciate the support our readers, authors and staff have shown over the last few months. Much love and thanks.

The good news is, I believe I have already found a new home for THE VEIL. I can't reveal anything concrete yet, as we are still in negotiations, but it looks good! The one thing I will say is -- I have REWRITTEN the ending. The new release of THE VEIL will be a VERY different book -- making the original a rare collector's edition! Don't miss an opportunity to own both!

If you're interested in reading THE VEIL in its original form, make sure to purchase it NOW. Inara will be releasing all the chapters before they close at the end of June, so at least you won't have to wait the full 12 weeks. So please, if you were waiting to purchase until all the chapters were released, NOW may be your last chance. Don't miss it!


And don't forget, SWORD OF REGRET is still available from FREYA'S BOWER!




"Readers of the genre will be enthralled by Ms. Fowler’s stunning foray into the paranormal and will not want this series to end any time soon."

Read the full review here:


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